PBA Summer Clash From This Weekend Results

PBA Summer Clash Results

by kwarner2  |  Monday, June 15, 7:16 AM

JUPITER, Fla. (June 13, 2020) – Sean Rash emerged as the 2020 PBA Summer Clash champion by outlasting nine other pro bowling stars in the special event at Bowlero Jupiter broadcast by FOX on Saturday.

Rash, a 15-time Go Bowling! PBA Tour titleist, downed longtime rival and fellow future PBA Hall of Famer Bill O’Neill in the final round to capture the winner-take-all $20,000 prize.

The event, with it’s unique low ball elimination format featuring sudden death pressure every round for surviving players, began with 10 of pro bowling’s finest. At the starting gates were the eight available high finishers from 2020 Go Bowling! PBA Tour events, joined for the first time by the top two points getters on the 2019 PWBA Tour, Shannon O’Keefe and Danielle McEwan.

In the first round, O’Keefe was the first eliminated. Then Rash, who earned his berth into the event as the 2020 PBA Oklahoma Open champion, tied for low ball with Shawn Maldonado in the second round, forcing a rolloff between the two that lasted eight frames. Rash finally advanced when Maldonado left a 10-pin after a Rash strike.

That clutch win in a memorable duel propelled Rash to the overall victory.

Stealing the show for the first eight rounds was Anthony Simonsen, a two-hand right-handed star who employed a two-handed backup-ball delivery throughout the competition, giving his ball a left-handed motion. The only player to ever win a PBA title using a reverse hook, Simonsen owned the left side of the lane and nearly used the compelling strategy to win the Summer Clash, finishing third.

In all, 77 strikes were thrown at the Summer Clash. When combined with the barrage of 213 strikes at the June 6 PBA Strike Derby won by Kris Prather, bowling fans witnessed 290 strikes the past two Saturdays on FOX as the PBA signaled the return of bowling on TV after being on pause for COVID-19.

2020 PBA Summer Clash final finishing order:

  1. Sean Rash, $20,000
  2. Bill O’Neill (eliminated in championship round)0
  3. Anthony Simonsen (eliminated in eighth round)0
  4. EJ Tackett (eliminated in seventh round)0
  5. Kyle Troup (eliminated in sixth round)0
  6. Danielle McEwan (eliminated in fifth round)0
  7. Tommy Jones (eliminated in fourth round)0
  8. Kris Prather (eliminated in third round)0
  9. Shaun Maldonado (eliminated in second round)0
  10. Shannon O’Keefe (eliminated in first round)0

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