PWBA Superstar Liz Johnson Joins Coach Shockley & Andrew Jensen Today on the Coaches Corner

Coach Richard Shockley & Andrew Jensen Talk To PWBA Superstar Liz Johnson

Coach and Aj talk to Liz Johnson and ask her about her past, her mental game toughness and some other awesome stories from the group

Hall Of Famer Liz Johnson

This is a rescheduled sit down with Liz Johnson and would love for you to join us for our chat with her.Monday June 15th we will be sitting down with PWBA super star, Liz Johnson and ask her some questions about everything that has been going on. Stop in and ask some of your own questions!

Posted by BowlerSmart Richard Shockley Coaching Corner on Monday, June 15, 2020


Richard Shockley
BowlersMart Development

USBC Gold Level Coach Richard Shockley. Shockley, a former Team USA National Team Assistant Coach and former Team USA Junior National Team Head Coach, was a part of the inaugural USA Bowling Gold Coach class in 1999.

I am extremely excited to join the team at BowlersMart and have the opportunity to share my 30-plus years of coaching knowledge with bowlers of all skill levels. We all know that when bowlers improve their skills, they stay with our sport longer and enjoy it much more. The possibilities are endless to be able to coach for BowlersMart, and I look forward to getting started.”

Shockley spent five years on the PBA regional men’s tour in the 1980s said he got into coaching because he wanted to give back to a game that has given so much to him.

“It’s such a big deal to me to see people improve their game. When they do well, it’s great because they are getting it and that makes it fun and exciting. I coach all levels of bowlers from new beginners to the professionals. Everyone has different abilities, so it’s about helping them to reach their best potential.”


Former Team USA National Team Assistant Coach

Former Team USA Junior National Team Head Coach

Inaugural USA Bowling Gold Coach class in 1999

Former Head Instructor at Kegal Training Center

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