The Most Epic Finish to a Professional Bowling Tournament

Could this Pete Weber vs. Del Ballard Match Be the Most Epic Finish in PBA Bowling History?

Watch this epic ending to the PBA Fair Lanes Open from March 2, 1991. Del Ballard, Jr. vs Pete Weber, two heavyweights battling it out in the tenth frame. Must watch until the last shot, you will not believe what happens!

What are your thoughts? What would you have done in that situation? Share your comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Most Epic Finish to a Professional Bowling Tournament

  1. David Williams says:

    I saw that finish when it originally aired . I was upset when I seen it. And it made me vow to always shoot for pin count in the middle flat and hit the head pin and cross my fingers and watch em fall. 😆

  2. Phil says:

    As soon as I saw thew headline and the line Del Ballard was p;laying, I could see this coming. Painful to watch, though.

    The closest I ever eprsonally came to such a thing was 40 years ago. I was bowling in a PBA regional in at my home lanes and started with the first eight strikes. Lots of attention on the next shot, so embarrassing as all getout that I hit my ankle and put the ball in the channel. Even more embarrassing was that Iw as playing inside on the third arrow.

    I was bowling on A squad and by the time B squad was taking the lanes, there was buzz all over the establishment about it.

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