The Best 7-10 Split Conversions on Live PBA Broadcast

Watch Each Time the 7-10 Split Was Made on a Live PBA Broadcast

The dreaded 7-10 split, one of the hardest splits to make in bowling, has only been made a handful of times on a live televised PBA broadcast. Here is a special compilation featuring the pros that have accomplished that feat! Can you name all four? 😃

What are your thoughts? Have you ever made the 7-10 split before? Which one was your favorite? Share your comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Best 7-10 Split Conversions on Live PBA Broadcast

  1. Audrey Fetters says:

    I made the 7-10 split once and didn’t even see it. My team mates had to tell me about it. I was so disgusted that I had left it after what I thought was a good shot that I just threw the bowl at the 7 pin and then thought that I was going to miss it. I turned my back on the lane and walked off the approach. They had to tell me what happened. Of course, I didn’t believe them and I’m not sure that I do now after all of these years. Apparently my ball clipped the 7 as it was about to go into the gutter, the 7 fell onto the lane, slid over and knocked down the 10.

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