Track Releases Info On Their First Fall Launch For 2020

Track Fall bowling ball launches start to roll out for the new bowling season

Track drops info on the new Tempo, this ball reminded me from first glance of a classic from the 90’s named the Synergy. I have some high hopes for the Tempo from the info in the release. 

track tempo Bowling Ball

Track Tempo Bowling Ball Specs and Info


Track released two great solid performance balls recently that handle a wide range of oily conditions and are incredibly versatile, to enhance the Track line-up we bring you the Tempo. The Tempo is a shiny emerald pearl with a symmetric core with great numbers to handle medium to light oil. The loyal Track fans and bowlers looking for a core and cover combination that eases through the heads and mid-lane will find themselves throwing the Tempo as soon as the lanes start to breakdown.

– Reaction: Strong Midlane and Backend
– Core Type: MC2
– Factory Finish: 500, 1000 SIAAIR / CROWN FACTORY COMPOUND
– Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.56
– Differential (Diff): .038
– Recommended Lane Condition:Medium / Light Oil

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