Storm Physix Maestro & Storm Solar Parallax Bowling Balls Reviewed by Bowler’s Rant

New Solar Parallax & Physix Maestro Bowling Balls from Storm Bowling!

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with Bowlers Rant and today we have a storm ball watch on our hands.Two new gems from storm bowling as always please like subscribe turn on those notifications so you can get everything fresh crackling hot from Bowlers Rant. Let’s take a look at the gems now we have the Solar Parallax and the Physix Maestro bowling balls, two new weapons of mass striking. They look absolutely fantastic and it is unconfirmed if they are coming stateside but we do know they are going overseas and once again i am peanut butter and jealous of the overseas market.

storm solar parallax bowling ball

Of course the secret sauce is always in the specs so let’s jump into that, first up the solar parallax. This ball has the NRG-3 pearl reactive cover stock, it has the
aeroflow core, comes 1500 grit polished. The color purple orange steel and the numbers at 15 pounds 2.52 rg with 0.054 differential .019 asymmetric differential. So let’s break that down this is NRG-3 so this is a stronger variant of nano pearl so it’s a particle pearl. You guys know all about that I’ve talked about that in several videos but particle pearls basically give you the best of both worlds it’s not quite as grabby as a solid or a hybrid necessarily but it is going to give you some traction in the mid lane to not blow past the break point but you get all the length and pop associated with what you need for a pearl cover stock.

Now it’s got this aeroflow core this is the same core that was in the original parallax designed to simulate having a weight hole in the block so this ball is going to be very boomy on the back it’s got lots of differential fragrances mango punch, this ball has house shot killer written all over it and I’m sure everybody who is in the overseas market is gonna be looking at this one.

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storm physix maestro bowling ball

Next up let’s take a look at the Physix Maestro. This ball has the NRG-3 pearl reactive cover stock, comes with the atomic core, 1500 grit polished, the color sky blue deep purple ruby, really like the pore on this one. The fragrance is Caribbean cooler so basically it’s like a capri sun. All right and the number’s at 15 pounds 2.48 rg with the 0.053 differential .017 asymmetric differential. So this one’s going to be a little bit different. Okay so the astro this one i don’t expect to be as sharp as the parallax and this is going to be just a stronger version of the astrophysix but the biggest difference is that the astrophysixs had r2s pearl on it this one has nrg3
pearl cover style another particle pearl. Basically the biggest difference between
this one and the previous one will be the core motion and if you guys want to look at that just pull up some videos on these balls and if you can’t find that just take a look at the parallax video and the astrophysics video you can find plenty of those and you’ll be able to see the difference in the core shape and then you just have to account for adding a particle pearl cover stock to it.

All in all this one looks really good i love the pour on this ball the color just looks really good. Let’s go back and look at the shuffle peel one more time of both these balls they absolutely look fantastic although i’m going to be more partial to this Physix Maestro because it would be easier to read as it goes through all three phases of ball motion. All in all really really solid of course if you’re in the market for this kind of stuff you want to head over to the Facebook groups but be prepared to pay a pretty penny because balls like this usually come in the neighborhood of 300 shipped or you can hang out and see if they’re going to come over to the state side, you never know right now it’s just confirmed they are going overseas.

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So that’s what we got for today so what do you think of these balls do you like the physix maestro what about that solar parallax and if you’re to get one what layout would you put on it?Drop me a comment let me know let’s continue the conversation, more updates are coming and until then bowl well!

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