The Dude Abides on “This Is How We Roll” Cover by Home Free

7 reasons why we love this cover of this is how we roll

If you’re a fan of the cult classic bowling movie “The Big Lebowski”, then chances are you’re going to love all of the references within this cover video of This is How We Roll by Home Free, originally produced by Florida Georgia Line & Luke Bryan.

1. the big lebowski movie references start right away

If you pay close attention, there are quite a few scenes recreated straight from the film’s opening credits montage.

2. The team

Don’t these outfits really tie the room, I mean video together?

3. donny played by adam rupp

Adam pretty much steals the scene in every single one he’s in. It’s even funnier that the one guy in the band who doesn’t get to speak is playing the guy who refuses to shut-up.

4. Rob Lundquist as Walter

Over the Line!! Over the Line!!

5. Tim Foust as The Dude

Anyone know where you can get yourself one of those sweaters? Perhaps Amazon?

6. Chris Rupp as The Stranger

Take note – if you wanna grow a stache… this is how it’s done.

7. Austin Brown as Jesus Quintana

When you throw ten in the pit and let the other team know they’re going down.

Who was your favorite character in The Big Lebowski?

Share who your favorite character was, or what your favorite scene was in the comment below! And if you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski yet, check it out, the Dude will abide!

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