Video Preview: Radical Results Solid & Pandemonium Bowling Balls

Radical Results Solid & Pandemonium - 2 New Bowling Balls from Radical Bowling

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with Bowlers Rant and today we have two of Radical Bowling’s newest bowling ball releases, the Results Solid and Pandemonium bowling balls.

about the radical results solid bowling ball

The Results Solid wraps the successful Results core with the very strong and aggressive TS-1 cover. This combo yields massive overall hook and continuation.

Performance achieved from the modification of the total Differential and the Intermediate Differential, so no balance holes required to get the desired ball motions.

about the Radical Pandemonium Bowling Ball

The Pandemonium features a new core design, once again taking into account the new balance hole rule. Radical has developed this new strong symmetrical core as a Reliable price point launch. The Pandemonium has a total Differential of .053 and an RG of 2.48 wrapped in the strong Forged+ Pearl cover.

The Pandemonium is strong, continuous, and esthetically appealing; this hits all the marks for excellent performance at a modest price. Add in the hard-hitting DynamiCore, and you have a real winner.

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