Roto Grip Ball Alert! Idol Black Pearl, Hustle Sky & Hustle Metal From Bowlers Rant

Roto Grip Ball Alert! Idol Black Pearl, Hustle Sky & Hustle Metal!

Core: Ikon Core
Coverstock: eTrax-P20 Pearl Reactive
RG: 2.49
DIFF: .052
Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential:5 – 6″+ (High)

Roto Grip Hustle Sky bowling ball

For more information on this bowling ball, click here.

Roto Grip Hustle Metal Bowling Ball

For more information on this bowling ball, click here.

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with bowlers rant bringing you three new updates from roto grip okay three gems have dropped overseas unsure if they will make it stateside but we want to cover them anyways let’s take a look at them now we have the idol black pearl that is in the middle on the left the hustle metal and on the right the hustle sky so two hustles and an idle black pearl very interesting love the design of all three of them and of course we want to cover the specs because that is what we do here at bowlers rant.
okay let’s jump into the idol black pearl this ball features the etrax p20 pearl reactive cover stock and it features the icon core 1500 grip polished and the numbers at 15 pounds 2.49 rg with the 0.052 differential and the color is black pearl so when you look at this ball and then you compare it to say the idle pearl what you have here is basically a just a slight variation the original
has etrax p18 this is etrax p20 roto grip is known for making their cover stronger so this one’s probably a little bit more boomier in the back than the original other than that
the specs look absolutely identical and this would be ideal and a killer for the house condition.  
okay next up  let’s talk about the hustle sky this ball features the vtc s20 solid reactive cover stock and it features the hustle core 1500 grit polish the color sky and the numbers at 15 pounds 2.53 rg
with a 0.030 differential okay so let’s just talk about for a second what you have is a polished solid that’s going to give you some length and be ideal for a house condition or the breakdown so
what i see here is something that you’ve seen in a variety of different hustles it’s just we’re in this vt s20 solid reactor coverstock versus like some other year again more additives more cover
the big thing there is that’s a different color but other than that if it’s a polished solid you can epect it to give you that hustle link
style of performance.
okay let’s jump into the hustle metal this ball features the dtc s20 solid reactive cover stock and it features the hustle core 3000 grit abalone the color metal and the numbers at 15
pounds 2.53 rg with the 0.030 differential so again another hustle same core uh this one though is going to be solid where the other one was polished so this is
going to give you a little bit smoother of a reaction and it’s going to probably read you know two or three boards earlier than the sky so you’ve got two hustles and of course if you were a collector
you could pick them both up and calibrate the surface as you wanted for a one-two combo.
let’s circle around and go back to the shelf appeal of course i’m always big on that the real story here to me is this idol black pearl once again i’m always jealous of the overseas market because they always get the best looking core and covers and i like the way this idol looks way better than the original like it’s not even close this one looks fantastic now the hustle metal looks like a standard bowling ball i’m not gonna say it’s like the greatest thing in the world but i’ve seen a lot more uglier bowling balls so it does stick out it looks pretty plain
i liked the original the uh the black one that i covered a few videos back now the sky on the other hand i really like the way this one looks this one looks kind of
futuristic to me i just love how the simple design looks and this is a case of where i think the ball would look much better on the rack than it does in the graphics so all in all you’ve got three offerings they have hit overseas unsure if they’ll come stateside.  
so if you want to keep track of these you know take a look at the links from that will be in the description or head on over to the facebook groups and find out if anybody’s got stock just be prepared to pay a pretty penny because balls like these can cost quite a bit love coin alright so that’s what we got for today what do you think of the idol black pearl and what do you think of these two hustles which ones would you get and if you were to get one what lads would you go with drop me a comment let me know let’s
continue the conversation more updates are coming and until then bowl well!

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