USBC Approved! Storm Hyroad Gold Pearl & 25th Anniversary Proton Physix Bowling Balls

New Storm Bowling Balls Approved By USBC - Hyroad Gold Pearl and proton physix 25th anniversary

Storm Hyroad Gold Pearl bowling ball

For more information on this bowling ball, click here.

Storm Proton Physix 25th Anniversary

For more information on this bowling ball, click here.

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with Bowlers Rant bringing you two new updates from Storm Bowling. Okay two gems have dropped overseas unsure if they will make it stateside but we want to cover them anyways let’s take a look at them now
So if you want to keep track of these you know take a look at the links from that will be in the description or head on over to the facebook groups and find out if anybody’s got stock just be prepared to pay a pretty penny because balls like these can cost quite a bit love coin alright so that’s what we got for today what do you think of the idol black pearl and what do you think of these two hustles which ones would you get and if you were to get one what lads would you go with drop me a comment let me know let’s
continue the conversation more updates are coming and until then bowl well!

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