Best Bowling Performances by Women in PBA History Video

Enjoy some of the best moments from the top female bowlers in PBA history.

With the recent announcement of two new all-female PBA League teams for the 2020 season, we celebrate some of the notable performances by women in the PBA.

Three women–Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson and Danielle McEwan–have already appeared in PBA League competition. Clara Guerrero finished fourth in the 2013 Cheetah Championship. Johnson was the first woman to make a PBA TV show in the 2005 Banquet Open, finishing second after losing a close title match to Tommy Jones. Johnson later became the second woman to win a PBA Tour title when she defeated Anthony Pepe in the 2017 Chameleon Championship.

Most famously, Kulick defeated Chris Barnes in the title match of the 2010 Tournament of Champions. Kulick became the first woman to win a PBA Tour title and a major at that.

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