Chris Beans From Bowlers Rant Video Review For The DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball

Bowlers Rant video review for the dv8 damn good verge bowling ball

Chris Beans from Bowlers Rant today bringing you the new DV8 Damn Good Verge. This ball will be the new staple for benchmark ball reaction from DV8, I am excited to review this one as I have heard TONS of good things about it. 

DV8 Damn Good Verge bowling ball

The Verge line has been so good for DV8. The Verge Solid and Verge Pearl are balls that everyone loved, from competitive bowlers the average league player. We wanted to expand the Verge line by adding a lower differential core to bring you more reaction options, and what we found in our testing was more than we had even hoped. The ball was incredible from everywhere on the lane, and for all styles, we even changed the name during the testing process to the only name that fit the ball; we now call it the Damn Good Verge. Low RG, medium to low differential, a strong solid cover, and a 1500 grit finish is the recipe for this Damn Good ball.

COLOR Grape Sparkle
CORE Threshold M. D. (Medium Differential)
COVERSTOCK Inciter Max Traction
COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
FINISH 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS 16-12 lbs.
HOOK 280
LANE CONDITION Medium to heavy oil
WARRANTY Two years from purchase date

check out Matt ogle throwing the damn good verge

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