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Joseph ARUTA

Date of Achievement: 4/09/2021

Steve Fireside Lanes in Citrus Heights CA. I haven’t bowled in almost 15 years but got back into bowling because my grandpa passed away this year of COVID-19. I haven’t seen him in a very long time and some of the best memories I have of him was going to the bowling lane. I purchased the Web Tour and the Afterburner from

My grandpa always had a Hammer ball so that’s why I bought the Web in memory of my grandpa and to still keep his ball down the lane. When I got the bowling balls drilled by the pro shop in Fireside Lanes I bowled 4 games and dedicated all the games to my grandpa. I bowled a 236 my first game and had to sit because i could remember him cheering me on and felt so good coming back to the game. I am happy that I made this purchase and I am happy to know that had helped make this memory and this passion come back to myself, and now my family! From the bottom of my heart thank you and thank you for keeping my grandpa and his memory alive with me again.

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