5 Tips on How to Make the 10 Pin and 7 Pin While Bowling – Those Hated Corner Pin Spares

Some Bowling tips for making the 7 pin and 10 pin spares

Bowling is a game of skill and precision.

It’s not always easy to make spares, but with the right techniques you can increase your success rate. In this blog post we will teach you about the basics of Corner Pin Spare Shooting in bowling!

Making The 7 Pin and 10 Pin Spares Are Mentally Tough in Bowling

Corner Pins are near the gutter and many people fear that getting a single pin can be challenging because of the mental margin for error. In Reality, the bowling ball is 8.5 inches wide, if you add the 4.75 inches for the base of a corner pin you have over a foot of room for error and can still make it!

Repitition and Consistency Are Key To Being A Better Spare Shooter

The key to good spare shooting is being consistent which takes repitition. If you want to get to the next level, you need to practice your spares over and over again. Go for the same pin ten times in a row. If you miss one of those shots, then start over until you achieve the spare you are shooting 10 times in a row.

Find a Style and System That Works Best For You For Shooting Spares

Everybody has their own style and preference, so there is no ‘perfect’ place to stand. I most often position myself for my 10 pin around board 27 and on board 11 for my 7-pin (I am right handed.)

Do Bowling Drills To Increase Your Spare Shooting Skills

There are plenty of drills and other recommendations that can help you learn to make spares in bowling, but a few simple standards should guide your practice. I recommend throwing a spare ball at the corner pins whenever possible. Some people will use an end-over-end throw to kill their hook, but for me the simpler option is just as effective.

Use A Plastic Spare Bowling Ball

Spare balls are usually inexpensive, and aren’t reactive. They still hook somewhat in dry conditions, but not as much as a resin or urethane ball. Urethane can also be acceptable, it will go fairlt straight but will provide some hook on drier conditions.

If you are not making more than 75% of your spares, I recommend practicing this weekly. Try taking only your spare ball for that day to focus on the corner pin spares. Shoot 10 pins and then 7 pins off full racks to play low-ball: in one game, you would try to get a perfect score of 20 (which is nearly impossible but great practice)

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