Coaching Tips For a Good Bowling Follow Through

A proper follow through in bowling will lead to higher scores and consistency

The Follow Through Is Extremely Important In Bowling

When you bowl, the follow through motion is just as important as the actual bowling swing. The follow through refers to how your arms finish their motion after they release the bowling ball. You want to make sure that when you’re completing your follow-through, you are releasing all of the energy from your arm swing and allowing it to flow out of your body in a straight line. This will help give you more control over where you send the ball while bowling!

The Bowling Follow Through Increases Accuracy

To help improve accuracy and speed control, you need to follow through with your arm swing after releasing the ball so that your bowling hand finishes its motion in the direction of the target.

Along with your hand release, the follow through of your arm swing is also important to consider. You follow through when you maintain an upward motion along the swing arc and in the direction of your target.

The follow through motion is crucial to a proper bowling swing, many players do not fully commit and might stop at knee level. While aiming for an extended forward stroke after the ball has exited your hand, maintain arm flexion with straightening wrists up to shoulder height or higher on each delivery. This should be done without stopping your arm.

If a Follow Through is not Maintained In Bowling the Arm Swing Will Be Ineffective.

Follow through motions greatly impact bowling accuracy and completes your arm swing process. A good follow-through will always complete the entire swing process. A decelerated or early follow through may cause the arm to hit in an undesired direction, or it may cause rotation during delivery, which might result in missing your target.

Always use a full follow through and an upward swing motion every time you bowl. In golf, there are shots requiring less than full swing arcs, not the case In bowling. Make sure your arm is at least 90 degrees in each delivery and that your elbow and hand finish above shoulder level.

A good follow through motion is an important key to developing accuracy and speed control. It also assists in making sure that every delivery is consistent, contributing to higher scores.

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