Hammer Obsession Tour Bowling Ball Review By Luis Napoles

hammer obsession tour bowling ball

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PICK UP A NEW OBSESSION! Obsession and Obsession Tour have the same core shape; however, the Tour edition differential is .016 points lower, creating less flare, less hook, and a more controllable reaction compared to the regular Obsession.

The Obsession Tour will create a unique reaction that will allow many players to stand closer to the dry and be great for higher rev players. It uses an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls. Featuring DOT technology, which allows you to drill anywhere which makes this ball even tougher.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Obsession Tour performing its best!

hammer obsession tour bowling ball


PART NUMBER 60-106484-93X

COLOR Burgundy

CORE Obsession Tour

CORE TYPE Asymmetric


COVER TYPE Solid Reactive

FINISH 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad

WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds

LANE CONDITION Medium to heavy oil

REACTION Strong midlane and backend

WARRANTY Two years from purchase date


  • 16 lb – RG (2.484) DIFF (0.029) ASY (0.011)
  • 15 lb – RG (2.469) DIFF (0.034) ASY (0.013)
  • 14 lb – RG (2.485) DIFF (0.034) ASY (0.013)
  • 13 lb – RG (2.597) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)
  • 12 lb – RG (2.593) DIFF (0.041) ASY (0.014)

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