Claws Out | 900 Global Wolverine Bowling Ball Review By Luke Rosdahl

the new 900 global wolverine bowling ball review

The New 900 Global Wolverine Bowling Ball Video Review with Angel and Luke Rosdahl

Hello and welcome to another review, this one is for the 900 Global Wolverine.  Storm Products, Turbo Grips, Bowler’s Mart, Coolwick, SRGBBFS on Facebook, and Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence, KS sponsor the videos, follow the links in the description and end of the video to Bowler’s Mart for your bowling needs, that lets them know I sent you, my code Rosdahl10 gets you 10% off your purchases at Coolwick like the awesome jersey Angel is wearing, and the SRGBBFS group on Facebook is your one stop destination for all things SPI, specializing in used, rare, and international equipment.  

The Wolverine features the S70 Pearl cover which is in R2S territory from Storm balls like the Hyroad Pearl and Trend, with the Lacerate 2.0 core. 

This core is a fusion of the top of the core from the Honey Badger and the bottom of the core from the Badger.  This gives it a medium 2.54 RG and an .053 differential in 15 pounds.  The total package puts this ball somewhere between a Hyroad Pearl and a Zen.  It’s definitely got a good amount of length and pop, it’s a bit stronger and earlier than the Hyroad Pearl, but not quite as strong, rolly and smooth as the Zen.  This makes it perfect for someone like Angel, lower RGs can sometimes do too much too early, now she’s a big fan of that stuff because it controls the front and mid part of the lane really well, but sometimes lacks in the hit slash finish department down lane especially once the lanes start transitioning.  Something like the Wolverine bridges the gap between balls like the Zen and a Hyroad Pearl, or even gives you a different look sideways from like a Hustle Wine or Electrify.  Sometimes you need that strength of a cover or general ball reaction, but being able to bounce between a few different cores and adjust the roll within that same cover strength zone can be really helpful to dial in your reaction especially if you’re at a higher friction center or on a drier pattern.  It’s a rounder type of shape, it’s quick on friction but I wouldn’t call it sharp or angular, it rolls off the spot a lot like most R2S pearls do, again like the Hyroad Pearl, Trend, Astro PhysiX, etcetera, so that’s my closest comparison for a coverstock for reference.  

Comparing it to the Zen, you can see a familiarity, but the Zen is earlier, stronger, and slower, so the Wolverine could be a great step down from it to bridge the gap to something like the Burner Pearl because there really wasn’t anything there. 

Honey Badger Revival and Intensity were too close to the Zen, they’re gone now anyway, but the Wolverine really slides into the middle of the lineup nicely, and also offers something in the middle for all the lines.  The Hyped’s are solid, but pretty big gap from them up to the Rubicons.  We lost the Trend and Axiom Pearl, and now it’s Hyroad to Phaze 3 on the Storm side.  The recently announced Spectre will help a lot there too, it has a similar core to the Wolverine but stronger cover, and it’ll be a couple weeks before we start talking much about that one anyway.  It’s still about 5 weeks away at the time of posting this, and the Wolverine releases in a couple days

Because we’re just featuring Angel in this video, here’s a bonus comparison to the Burner Pearl.  Zen is earlier and smoother, Burner Pearl is longer and a bit sharper, Wolverine fits right in the middle. 

There looks like there’s more overlap than there really is, it’s tricky making these videos because I could film on a different pattern with more volume that actually shows the differences between the balls more clearly, but people bowl on house shots just like this, so it’s most important to see the ball reaction on this, and realistically we can’t film on a dozen different patterns, that’s just impractical and stuff on video just tends to run together period.  The idea here is to at least give you an idea where things fit or a correlation, because you can feel the difference when you throw the ball a lot easier than you can see it on video most of the time.

The Wolverine releases with the Altered Reality on December 10th, so just right around the corner.  Hit up my Bowler’s Mart link at the end of the video to pick this one or the Altered up, can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support and it’s a big part of keeping the videos coming so as always, thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

900 global wolverine bowling ball

Color: Navy/Aqua
Coverstock: S70 Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Lacerate 2.0 Symmetric
Factory Finish: 4000 Abralon
Flare Potential: 4″-5″
Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs – 2.53; 15lbs – 2.54; 14lbs – 2.54
Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0.051; 15lbs – 0.053; 14lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): n/a

900 global bowling Balls

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