How To Tape Your Fingers In Bowling & Why Tape Your Fingers!

Today we are going over the process on how to tape your fingers in bowling and why we do it!

Using performance bowling tape on your hands to bowl longer with less pain

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel. I have a little bit of a different thing that I’m going to be doing on the days when I’m not posting my full ball reviews and comparisons, I want to show you guys a couple of shorter more technical videos.

So, on today’s video I’m going to show you guys how I tape my fingers why I tape my fingers and what’s the feel like going from no tape on my fingers to taping my fingers so if you guys like this video and you’d like to see more of these technical videos in the future make sure to hit that like button subscribe hit that notification bell.

Okay so why I tape my fingers, I tape my fingers because I bowl a lot. I’m talking about 30, 40 games a week and because of that for me I start to cut around the crease right here on my fingers and yes, I can change my pitches a little bit to make it so that it stops rubbing there but I really like the fit that I have now. When I go a little bit more away on the fingers, I start to lose it at the bottom a little bit, so I’d rather just tape up my fingers and then that way I know that I’m not going to cut up in that area.

The next big thing is the feel, it feels way different using tape on the fingers than not taping your fingers. On our fingers we have nerve endings so when you put your fingers into the bowling ball whether you use grips or whether you don’t use grips you can feel the grip, you can feel the bowling ball. When you tape up your fingers, you’re covering those nerve endings with the tape so now it’s not your fingers that’s touching the grip, or touching the bowling ball, it’s the actual tape. That feel is a little bit different and for me personally, I prefer the way it feels with the tape because it almost forces it and forces me to be even more behind the ball so that I can get as much pressure as possible on my finger pads. For me it helped with my ball roll, now I’m not saying that’s going to help you guys but that’s just what I feel.


Okay so now how do I tape and what tape do I use. For me I use the turbo big red, I really like this tape because it’s a little bit thicker and it’s only stretching one way so you’re not going to have a whole lot of that roll up. Once the tape starts to roll up your finger it starts to feel like a complete nightmare. Also, one big thing that I need to explain to you guys is that your finger inserts are going to go up to a bigger size because you’re taping your fingers.  For me personally I went up a size and a half going from no tape to adding tape to my fingers, my buddy Ryan who you guys see in my live streams all the time just started taping his fingers and he went up two full sizes. The best thing that I can tell you guys that if you’re interested in taping your fingers go into your local pro shop and have them test out different grip sizes to make sure that you’re going to be into the right size.  

So again, this is the turbo big red, so what I do, I have regular scissors, nothing special.  I cut them up into pieces of nine squares, in the back they have squares, so I opened a roll and then cut it up into a bunch of little pieces so that when I’m at the bowling center it makes it easier on myself to put on. There’s a bunch of different ways to tape your fingers this is just the way that I have found that it’s better for my game so and I hope it helps you guys.

Like I said, I bowl all the time and I film all the time and usually in my filming sessions I’ll bowl eight nine sometimes ten games and this same tape stays on the entire session never rolls up, never comes off.  I know that some people like to like to attach it to another little piece here but honestly guys with this turbo big red I’ve never had a situation where it’s even come unstuck or even come off my fingers and it’s something that I really enjoy.

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