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This bowling drill is one of the BEST drills you can do to help improve your ball roll! Link to No step drill from knee:

All right what’s going on guys, welcome back to the channel. On the last quick tip that I gave you guys was on the no step drill from the knees. The reason we did that is so that we can really focus on isolating the wrist with nothing else moving except for the hand. So on today’s video I’m going to show you the no step drill from a standing position. What we’re going to change to the one from the knee and why so if you guys like these quick tips make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to notifications. If you like this jersey go to use my promo code motivlou10 that’ll get you 10% off your entire order
Now I’m going to show you guys real quickly the no step drill from the knees so that just as a quick refresher I’m also going to leave a link to that video down below in the description. I’m only going to do it one time just to show you guys and then I’m gonna go to the standing position and show you guys why so let’s get on the lanes real quick um so I’m gonna show you guys from behind so you guys can have a clear picture. I’m gonna put my shammy down put my knee down hand in the ball left foot in the gutter if you’re if you’re left-handed it’ll be just the opposite so I’m going to get behind the ball and I’m just going to go backwards and forwards a couple times only isolating the wrists making sure that it’s behind me here so I’m going to go one two three and forward that’s it.
So I want you guys to do that from the knelt or from the kneeling position until it becomes comfortable until you really focus on isolating only the wrist and until your ball roll looks very similar like this. I hope you guys can see it I’ll try to zoom in it’s right by the thumb and right by the fingers the track this is going to help you stay behind the ball instead of coming around the ball. Now we’re going to get back on the lanes and I’m going to do basically the same thing but from a
standing position and this time you’re actually going to swing your hand with the weight of the ball on your wrist instead of on the knees. I’m going to show you guys two times back to back I’ll even show you guys some slow motion of what it looks like and then I’ll get back here and explain to you guys why we’re doing this drill all right. I‘m going to show you this drill from behind so that you can see what my hand is doing it’s going to be very very similar to the one from the knees except we’re going to do it standing up so you’re going to get right up to the foul line and get into your finishing position right now with the hand just like this we’re gonna turn it go under and then lift make sure the knees are nice and bent we’re gonna go back one two and then look at the wrist here guys
The biggest thing to take away from this drill is that it doesn’t matter where the ball goes all we’re doing is trying to put our hand in the right position to execute shots the right way and to repeat shots. Again I’m just going to keep doing it same thing and go one two and three here that’s it and where the ball goes doesn’t matter. I know what you guys are going to be thinking while you’re doing this drill that this is incredibly boring, and it is guys there’s no way around it. You come to the bowling alley buy some games to do that is very boring but if you want to improve your game this is the proven way to do it. If you guys go back even on this channel and go look at some of the videos from two years ago you can see just how around the ball I was and doing these drills, specifically the no step drill from my knees and the no step drill from standing up. Eventually went back to one step two step three steps four steps and into the full five steps but you got to go one level at a time, master that level before you get to the next one and I promise you guys that your game will improve. So if you guys are interested in improving with me I challenge you guys to do this drill and tag me in the videos because I want to see make sure you guys aren’t just saying you’re doing it and not doing it so thank you guys so much for joining me in this quick clip I appreciate it as always.

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