Is The 900 Global Reality Bowling Ball The Next GREAT Asymmetrical Solid Bowling Ball

The global 900 reality bowling ball has became a go to ball for players of all skill levels

The Storm Alpha Crux is one of the most popular and most expensive balls you can get! With the prices surging I looked for an alternative in the 900 Global Reality and I believe this is IT!!!

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel now on one of my previous videos i reviewed the alpha crux and how it’s an all-time great bowling ball and in the video i mentioned that it was a ball that’s in the current line that’s very similar was this reality so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna compare one of the all-time greats the alpha crux to the 900 global reality so if you guys like this video make sure to hit that like button, subscribe and hit that notification bell
We just got done talking about this Alpha Crux but we’re going to talk about it a little bit more so it features the catalyst core which in 15 pounds is an rg of 2.50 a max differential of .052 and an intermediate differential of .017 and then wrapped around that is the GI16 cover stock that comes out of box at a 2000 grit finish.

Then we’re going to talk about the 900 Global Reality because the cores are very similar when we’re talking about numbers

it features the disturbance asymmetrical core which in 15 pounds is an rg of 2.49 which is only one tick lower than the alpha crux it max differential of 0.52 which is exactly the same and an intermediate differential of .018 which is again just one tick lower than the Alpha Crux. Very similar cores the big difference is going to be in the cover stock the 900 global reality features the s84 solid reactive cover stock that also comes out of the box at a 2000 grit finish. Very similar cores the difference is going to be in that cover stock technology where this is from 2016 and this is from 2021 so let’s let me know down below in the comments if you guys have a reality or an alpha crux which one is your favorite and why.

The Big Difference Between The Storm Alpha Crux & 900 Global Reality Bowling Ball Is The Cover

So especially after seeing these first five shots with the alpha crux I think the big difference is gonna be the cover the cover on this reality I’m expecting to be way stronger on the lanes so my prediction from the same spot that I was at with the alpha is that the reality is going to want to pick up way sooner. I can’t imagine a scenario where the reality is going to still strike from there because that’s fairly 
straight and again I think that has to do with that cover stock technology. Let me know in the comments what you think the differences are gonna be especially after seeing the first five with the alpha.
All right so from that really far left zone the alpha crux still looked really good.

if you guys are in the market for an alpha crux instead of spending that money because they are incredibly expensive order a reality instead

Couple things. It’s going to be way cheaper than an alpha crux and it’s still readily available and then because it’s stronger I think it’s usability on today’s environment will definitely be better. I’m not saying that the reality is better than the alpha crux or the alpha crux is better than the reality that’s up for you guys to decide but I definitely think that I’m going to be ordering at least one or two maybe even three realities to stash just because of how good it looks compared to this alpha crux.
all right so there you have it folks there’s my in-depth comparison between one of the all-time greats the alpha crux and the 900 global reality based on everything that i saw in this video i honestly would never have ordered an alpha crux and in fact this video especially makes me appreciate this reality just that
much more and i definitely think i’d be leaning more towards this one especially
like i said because it’s readily available and it’s way way cheape.

900 global reality bowling ball

The ALL-NEW Reality brings a solid version of the incredibly strong S84 Response cover to the table. Combined with a revolutionary core, the Reality will be the strongest ball 900 Global offers!

The S84 Response solid cover utilizes a technology that promotes up to 20% larger pore sizes. By offering this cover in a 2000 Abralon finish, we have ensured maximum traction in the heaviest of oil. The Reality will rival the original Volatility in terms of overall hook.

The Disturbance Asymmetric core creates asymmetry by having differing shapes on the bottom and top of the weight block. This core was designed with a focus on a shape that will fill a space with the least amount of material, yet still yield the RG/Diff values that all bowlers demand.

Coverstock: S84 Response Solid
Weight Block: Disturbance Asymmetric
Factory Finish: 2000 Abralon
Flare Potential: 5+
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – .052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 15lbs – .018

storm alpha crux bowling ball

It features exciting new technology in the coverstock which is sure to take the lead in many categories. Immaculately finished with a 2000-grit Abralon® pad, the new Alpha Crux is the perfect vessel to showcase the GI-16™ solid reactive coverstock. Following up on the GI-15™ (Game Improvement-2015) coverstock introduced on the Lock™, the solid GI-16 is a force to be reckoned with. There is discontent for oil in its veins. In its DNA lies caverns of porosity and cliffs so deep that the shell acts like oars on a canoe helping your ball turn the corner on command.     

The proven Catalyst Core featured in the original Crux and Crux Pearl has left bowlers wanting more. More strikes, more hook, and more winning. It’s a dynamic asymmetrical design that really stands on its own. And it’s powerful, relentless, and unforgiving. It never backs down and, with the Alpha Crux in your hand, neither will you.

Coverstock: GI-16™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block: Catalyst Core
Factory Finish: 2000 Grit Abralon
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.50
Differential (Diff): .052
Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): 0.017
Fragrance: Wildberry Cheesecake

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