Storm Nova Ball Review! THE Strongest Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Ball I have Ever Thrown!

The Storm Nova bowling ball is the newest high performance asymmetrical hybrid out

The Storm Nova is the latest asymmetrical hybrid bowling ball from Storm! Features a very strong core and cover combo that absolutely gets the job done!

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel. On today’s video we’re going to be reviewing storm’s latest asymmetrical bowling ball the Nova. If you guys like this video make sure to hit that like button, subscribe and hit that notification bell.
Let’s get into some of the tech behind the Storm Nova. The Nova features the Ignition weight block which in 15 pounds is an rg of 2.49 a max differential of 0.52 and an intermediate differential of 0.19. It is a very strong, early rolling asymmetrical core and then wrapped around that Ignition weight block is the R2X hybrid cover stock. It comes out of the box at a 3000 finish and the scent is really good, it smells like apple cherry slush. The layout I went with is the new asymmetrical layout that I’m trying out is 30 by 5 by 30. That’s the same layout that I had that I put on the Alpha Crux and that new Reality that I drilled.
My first five shots of the Nova are done, I went four out of five and the one I missed was the one that I said that I leaked right and it kind of bailed a little bit down lane. It’s a lot to ask of a ball this strong to read that much friction that early and still shape. It’s not something that would be out of the normal, a lot of these bigger stronger balls end up doing that. What I really liked is that when I got it in the oil it definitely read early and created a little bit of shape I mean it’s not going to out shape like a specter or anything like that but for this classification of ball I really like the motion that it’s giving me down lane. It kind of reminds me of like a reality. 
This Nova is strong and it really likes the oil, I think another comparison I’m going to do to this is the RST X-1 just because they’re both asymmetrical hybrids. I’m really curious to see how this nova is going to compare side by side
with the RST X-1. That’s a really good asymmetrical hybrid but I also want to put it up next to the reality because the reality is probably my favorite asymmetrical ball. The Reality and the Altered are probably like a one, two and I’m going to put this Nova definitely up there with like the X1 the UFO alert.

storm nova bowling ball

The Nova has taken a leap further into space than any ball before. Its revolutionary core has been paired with an innovative combination of coverstock technology to maintain the striking power you’ve come to expect from a Premier Line ball. So, while maintaining the aesthetic that the Premier line is known for, we’ve also brought the performance up another level.


Weight blocks like the Ignition Core rev up fast and finish strong with a more aggressive movement down lane. Need some extra oomph? Then look no further. The Ignition Core pumps out more than 6” of loaded flare potential! That’s more than enough differential to amp your adrenaline levels. Putting it in R2X means all that power and be harnessed with skilled precision. R2X fits seamlessly between the R2S™ and NRG™ formulas found on some of the most successful Storm balls in recent history. At an ideal 3000-grit finish, the perfect combination of length and strength can be achieved.


Color: Hot Pink/Lime/Jet Black
Coverstock: R2X Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: Ignition Core
Factory Finish: 3000 Grit Abralon
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Diff: 0.019
Fragrance: Cherry Apple Slush

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2 thoughts on “Storm Nova Ball Review! THE Strongest Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Ball I have Ever Thrown!

  1. Tom Hakes says:

    I have the Storm Nova and I am rather disappointed in it. For the cost, I thought it would better my score, but instead it has not done well for me. It was suppose to be a top lead off ball for my arsenal, then my Dark Code, and my last go to is Specter . I have used it for last 16 games or so in three leagues I bowl in and three different lanes, I was hoping for more, but perhaps the Nova isn’t for me or perhaps I need to work with it more. As for the Dark Code that ball is super for me, the Spectre so-so ! I love my Storms, but I was really expecting greater things for me. I have been bowling 62 years, been a ball tester for some companies and even a dealer, I am hoping this is just a glitch, but will soon know. In the meantime, I would recommend this ball for a higher rev bowler than me. Its a high cost up sized ball. FOR YOU HIGH REVVED BOWLERS JUMP ON THE WAGON AND GET IT. NOT TOO GOOD FOR LOW REV BOWLERS !

    • Smooth says:

      You Don’t Have To Be A High Rev Bowler To Throw This Bowl. It’s Has And Early Hook Potential You Just Have To Know How To Put It In The Right Spot. This Is The Perfect Ball For Bowlers Who Play The 5 And The 10. This Ball Isn’t For Bowlers Who Are Looking For Late Hook Potential Balls.

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