Carolyn-Dorin Ballard & Alyssa Ballard Crowned Champions at PBA King of the Lanes: Royal Family Edition

Jupiter, Florida – An event to crown two kings was won by two queens.

The only mother-daughter team in the inaugural PBA King of the Lanes: Royal Family Edition Alyssa Ballard and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard felt somewhat like they were underdogs coming into this event, but they were far from intimated.

“I actually like competing against the guys,” Alyssa said. “With the sport evolving, there is more two-handers and higher rev rates. We as women can’t really create that as easily, so it makes me work a lot harder.”

Alyssa was making her first TV show appearance and after a nervous first frame resulted in a split and open frame, she was able to settle in and read what the lanes were giving her against fellow Junior Team USA 2022 teammate Brandon Bohn and Parker Bohn III.

“She has had some awesome mental and physical coaches and they prepared her,” Carolyn said about her daughter’s ability to quickly adjust. “When you get good coaching and your foundation is so solid, you can do anything.”

The lefty Bohn duo came out swinging with a five-bagger as they held a 31-pin lead through five frames. The ladies responded with four straight strikes to cut into their opponents lead. Brandon struck every time on the right lane heading into the foundation frame but left a pocket 6-8 split for an open frame and a score of 215.

Needing a double to shut out the Ballards, Parker struck on his first shot then left a solid 7-pin, which he picked up.

“We set ourselves up perfectly,” Brandon said. “There is nothing that we would have changed. Carolyn stepped up in the 10th and made it happen.”

Prior to Carolyn needing a double and 9 to win, her daughter gave her some words of advice.

“I just told her you have done this before, so you’ve got this,” Alyssa said.

Just like she did so often in her career, Carolyn delivered in the clutch throwing three straight strikes to earn the 237-235 win.

“The Hall of Fame parents and these kids are so good,” Carolyn said after the win. “It’s about filling frames and keep repeating, so you can strike.”

“There is nothing more rewarding as a parent than to get to do something with your kids,” Parker said. “I wanted to win to give him (Brandon) more airtime.”

“My father is my role model,” Brandon said. “This was a wonderful opportunity and a special moment for me to bowl with him for sure.”

In match two, the Ballards had their eyes on the crown as they took on the Royal Family of Chris and Ryan Barnes. Both teams lived in the 1-3 pocket, and it came down to who had the better carry. Each parent and kid had a spare and a strike to start as the Ballards held a 10-pin lead through four frames.

Alyssa, who has committed to attend and bowl at Vanderbilt University, and Carolyn maintained a 10-pin lead through six frames before they put together a five-bagger for a 248 game. The Barneses left five 10-pins and posted their first string of strikes at the end of the match to lose with a 217.

The ladies hugged Chris and Ryan, put on their new crowns and showed on the final day of this family event they are now the Queens of the Lanes.

“We are very much alike, and we clash a lot,” Alyssa said about she and her mom’s personalities on the lanes. “So going in, I really didn’t know how it was going to go. But we both stayed pretty calm, and everything turned out our way. It feels unreal, like it was all a dream.”

“Special events like this one game baker match, anything can happen,” Carolyn said. “I hope this sets precedents for years to come.”

“This was really about the kids and showcasing the talent that bowling has,” Carolyn said about this event. “The great thing about this sport is my daughter, (Ryan) Barnes and (Brandon) Bohn all of them bowl, and I hope they have such a great experience that when they grow up and have children it will just continue to flourish.”

“In the end, we are all a giant family,” Parker said. “We have watched all of these kids grow up and to see what they have become is incredible.”


Match 1 – Alyssa Ballard and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard def. Brandon Bohn and Parker Bohn III 237-235

Match 2 – Alyssa Ballard and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard def. Ryan and Chris Barnes 248-217

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