The Hype Reviews Favorite 6 Bowling Balls of 2022

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what’s going on YouTube world man
Charles Hutcherson the hype here man
it’s the end of the year time for the
top balls of 2022. man it’s been so so
much like progress in 2022 like so much
change so much growth
um and I’m so happy that you guys
decided to join a ride with me so to
continue I need you guys to make sure
you’re subscribed make sure you’re
sharing out the content especially when
you like the video man hope you like it
all but it’s not realistic but the ones
you do like man make sure you share it
out and man there’s some good
information if you feel like it’s
valuable man shout out to the people
that you know but yeah so before we get
into the list itself man I want to thank
my everybody who helps and supports me
um whether that’s again my family uh my
guys my boys in Texas Jason and Jeremy
man those guys are a huge part of why
this thing is continued to run uh my
brother Antoine uh mom dad of course my
fiance love her so much and then of
course man my bowl is my family cool Wig
family and my guys over at 12 Baggers so
uh Tony levance Roger my boy over at
bubble’s Edge Pro Shop man I appreciate
everybody so so much man but let’s go
ahead and get to the list that’s enough
enough for all of that gushy stuff
um and I’m gonna do top six I’m gonna do
my top six and it’s gonna be in that
um of you know one being my favorite and
six being you know my least I guess my
my least of my favorites I guess but um
yeah so my honorable mention is actually
going to be the Paragon I think the
Paragon changed the game when it came
out and it’s one of those early releases
of the year but it’s actually again
still a 2022 release so yeah man for me
the Paragon again game changer it’s
really what another ball currently is
like you know it’s just different ball
motion stronger and you’re seeing it
everywhere now but yeah man yeah so the
Paragon is definitely that that
honorable mention for this particular
video and then as we move to number six
man Columbia 300 top speed the top speed
Ace and Pearls like this has to be like
in the top two uh on the market
currently and it got a little
overshadowed I think there’s a lot of
hype behind the hammer uh 3D attack
right the 3D attack is a great great
ball but the top speed is a little
different this is for me like just be
honest man the top speed is is that’s
the ball that’s the that’s the Pearl
ball for me
um but yeah man again it’s just a little
um still picked up in the middle still
had a lot of motion down Lane it just
kept it kept up I feel like I got fast
the balls continued to read the middle
and a ball that has Compound on it like
you just you don’t typically see that
some things I end up having to like kind
of hit it with some surface to get it to
read the middle of the lane correctly
this I really didn’t and part of that
probably has to do with this new uh HK
22 cover stock uh that Brunswick has
been implementing slowly into all the
different lines so I’m really curious
you know what those next versions of
this ball will be with the atka 22
but yeah so then as we look at number
five it’s going to be another kind of
shocker but the Brunswick attitude and a
lot of people kind of slept on this one
like the ball looks really really good
but again there’s a lot of competition
in that particular Zone but if you’re a
fan of the Nigel Global Zen you should
probably check this one out like ball
motion for ball motion they’re very very
similar and I actually have the attitude
hooking a little bit more down Lane now
it is in again for all the the storm
people right they’re not accustomed to a
ball that is a little slower right still
carries still gets to the pin still has
energy through the pins but it’s not
I’ll call it Jerky like typical storm
stuff you know see the friction goes
um but this particular ball like is like
again I feel like a better version of
his in and I know that’s a lot to say
and I know a lot of people are going to
be like I’m like well have you thrown
both of them if you haven’t
but anyway
check that ball out ball looks freaking
phenomenal and then as we move to number
on the list the DV8 brutal Collision now
I wanted to put this ball higher but
it’s another ball it’s every other ball
on this list is just a little bit closer
to my heart so just gotta be fair the
brutal Collision though again if that
ball didn’t come out this is where the
Paragon would be because the Paragon is
this game changer like the compound that
comes on the brutal Collision like it’s
just like eye-opening like it hooks a
ton but like you can use it like you can
use it just a little bit more often when
you lead a compound on it for somebody
like myself to have my rear rate and my
speed you know sometimes big big big
balls like I just can’t use them or
they’re too strong they’re burning up or
they force me too far left too early so
then if I try to move out of this ball
it makes it really a lot more
complicated of a guessing game going
what ball to go to what part of the lane
I need to need to be in so just things
to keep in mind but the brutal brutal
man brutal Collision is the strongest
Joker on the market I don’t care what
anybody says you take the compound off
this ball it’s going to hook out hook on
98 of everything so that’s just my
opinions my thoughts
um and again I just saw my Boy George
gohagen or gg3 man destroying them at
the Holiday doubles with this ball
and I’m just saying watch you start
seeing a lot more people pick up this
equipment and you’re going to be like
man it’s really really good like it’s a
little bright you know I like the colors
I like to see the swirls going down the
lane if you’re not one of those people
this might not be for you but it’s our
other paragraph but um yeah so we’re
gonna go ahead and move on to the number
three on the list and the number three
is man another sleeper I don’t think
anybody’s gonna like Oh I thought I knew
you were going to pick that one the
radical innovator
the radical innovator man
I took it up to a tmba event and every
house I went to this ball sent
like every time I threw it like if in
the three game set I’m sending like wood
flying like all across the placement and
I just wasn’t expecting it and when you
look at the innovator in the top speed I
got the innovator being a little bit
more in the middle of the lane but not
as much change of Direction at the top
speed and for me that’s really really
good my mist is typically left I
generally miss it like oh and I’m hoping
and praying you know I kind of sits
there but sometimes you know again it’s
not the case but with this innovator man
I’m listening to the puddle I miss a
little to the friction it just did all
the right things so again for me the
radical innovator is special again the
colors it pops the logo it pops the more
Heritage series man I’m telling you give
that ball a try like really Point Blank
period but uh don’t get to number two
and number two again another one I don’t
think people are going to expect me to
save this ball in this as high as I like
as I’m recommending it like number two
is the hammer scorpion stain by the
hammer scorpion sting was like jaw
dropping when I threw it like I threw it
against one of my favorite pearls like
today the hammer web Pearl and I picked
up the sting and I was like
it out it was out hooking that ball like
it as far as price points goes like the
stain is below a phase five but I put it
I did a comparisons and when you watch
them on a lane they’re not far off at
all and for me I actually saw more
motion down Lane and that can be typical
right lower end pieces should be more
responsive to friction so that’s
something to keep in mind but it’s just
it was mind-boggling to me to watch this
scorpion you know go against again the
web Pearl and the phase five and then
just how good it looks like this the
sting is bang for your buck
picked this ball up that kind of rhymed
a little bit they need to be a rabbit be
a little dab
anyway back to the point man Hammer
stain man sleeper ball of the year like
I know these balls some some of them are
relatively new
sleepers bro pick this one up bro looks
good I promise you you will not be
and then at number one I think some
people might be able to guess this one
Legion solid
this is a while I’ve been waiting to see
if I come out pretty much since the
um the legion like that name plate the
the logo like it just it looks amazing
and then they wrapped it and it’s purple
they wrapped the cover stock is a purple
cover stock so like it just looks so
good and then once I actually got on the
lane and I started moving left like
moving left is kind of where you’re
going to see how good or bad a ball is
or what limitations that it has and the
legion doesn’t really have that like you
keep the surface on it you maintain the
that ball will hook like from anywhere I
don’t care if you’re lofting it you know
I’m gonna stay in the other Lane right
you get in front of the ball return like
the legion is like that my man Aaron
called me the other day one of my
friends and he was just like man why
didn’t you tell me it was like that like
that and I’m just here to tell you like
the legion solid is by far man my
favorite ball of the year and I’m so
happy that it actually came out with
this one I need to order me like another
case of them just so I have them this is
a ball that will be around and you know
if it gets discontinued it’s going to be
one of those one of those that the the
bowler bowler like knows about like and
then like yo I gotta have that one like
or you know it’s gonna be going for some
astronomical price
um at some point but
this was again like the proof the proof
like this is a better version of it and
I didn’t foresee it happening that way
but that’s what it is like it’s a better
proof like at times the solid like the
proof solid when you move so far left
you start the corner pin you’re just
like nah it’s just not quite finishing
I’m asking this ball to a lot and this
ball is just again amazing so again for
me Legion sting innovator brutal
Collision attitude top speed my top six
balls of the Year man and I can’t wait I
can’t wait man for to see what 2023 is
going to bring for us so like subscribe
and keep supporting that channel and
then man we’re gonna get some Champions
we got another order coming in so gonna
get get that link out there so in the
next coming next coming a couple weeks
next set of videos you’ll see me kind of
pushing that and uh having those links
below for you so as always man straws
and I’m out

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