Storm Trend 2 Bowling Ball

Why I love the Storm Trend 2 Bowling Ball:

“The Trend 2 is the perfect ball to play almost anywhere on the lane. The modified Piston Core gives more continuation and the hybrid NRG cover is strong enough to make sure it consistently reads the breakpoint. The hype is real. This ball is loving up to the hype.”

Product Description:

For a ball to be emblazoned with Jason Belmonte’s insignia, you know it must be special. After all, his 13 majors and multiple PBA Player of the Year accolades is no small feat. This man knows what he’s talking about, so we’ve enlisted his help in designing some of the highest performing balls on the market, balls which reflect his career.

Now it’s time to set another TREND with the Trend 2.

“Of all the Signature™ line balls Storm and I have created, Trend 2 has us the most excited. With a stronger cover and a redesign of the weight block, we have created an absolute monster for any style of player,” said Jason. “Trend 2 will give you the ability to move deeper on the lane without losing entry angle into the pocket. If you are in need of throwing that big couple games, Trend 2 is going to have your back.”

Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball

Why I love the Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball:

“Released just this week we have seen some amazing scores posted using this ball.
Even a 3 game 900 series.
The idol series has been one of my favourites from Roto Grip and this addition to the Idol family continues to impress. ”

Product Description:

The Roto Grip Idol is back, and this time its set to light up the lanes! Introducing the Roto Grip Idol Helios, featuring the proven Ikon core, wrapped in a new XtremeTrax™ Coverstock. This high performance bowling ball will be a great match up on medium to heavy oil patterns.

900 Global Zen Master Bowling Ball

Why I love the 900 Global Zen Master Bowling Ball:

“The Zen was one of the big sellers this past 12 months and it’s big brother the Zen Master gives you that extra control not offered in the Zen.
Need a ball that is controlled and smooth but still likes to move into the middle of the lane? Zen Master is the ball.”

Product Description:

The S77 Response™ Solid Coverstock was the obvious choice to follow up on the success of the S77 Response™ pearl coverstock. The Solid version of this cover will provide the most overall hook we have ever put in the 800 Series. The Zen Master™ will be a great ball to use on medium-heavy patterns.

The Meditate™ Core is the biggest core we have ever put into a bowling ball!! A bigger core means more hitting power combined with a more consistent reaction. Throughout testing the Meditate™ Core provided that wide “footprint on the lane that all bowlers love to see. The Zen Master™ pushes the limits of core dynamics.

Roto Grip RST X-2 Bowling Ball

Why I love the Roto Grip RST X-2 Bowling Ball:

“Utah products have been famous for their ability to create the most angular products on the market and when the lanes dry up and you have to move deep, you need a ball that will slide through the dry but also create angle down lane.
The RST X-2 is that ball for you! I’m super impressed with its ability to cover a lot of boards.”

Given the continued success of the RST X-1, we knew the next ball in the series using the Roto Star Tour Core was going to need a special coverstock wrapped around it as well. So, after countless tests involving multiple players of different styles, we determined that the eTrax pearl material gave us the type of reaction we were looking for, but we wanted something a little more while still using that same chemistry. So, the R&D team went to work changing the ratios and other variables until we settled in on the NEW eTrax PLUS Pearl Reactive formula that provides a larger footprint throughout the entire lane without reducing the responsiveness to friction down lane. Creating yet another viable pearlized coverstock option for the Roto Grip family of balls.

Unique Winner Blue BELMO Bowling Jersey

Why I love the Unique Winner Blue BELMO Bowling Jersey:

“When I joined Coolwick 12 months ago I was excited to build a partnership with such a motivated team.
The very first meeting we came up with my Winner Blue jersey and it remains one of my favourites.”

Product Description:

Designed, cut and sewn by hand stay 40% cooler with CoolWick. Unique Winner Blue BELMO Bowling Jerseys are made of our CoolWick technology fabric that helps wick moisture away and helps air flow more easily through the fibers.

Storm Men’s Meteor Active Soft Shell Black Bowling Jacket

Why I love the Storm Men’s Meteor Active Soft Shell Black Bowling Jacket:

“It’s often hard to find a jacket that’s light to wear but also offer a good deal of warmth.
This Storm jacket fits the bill and at this price is amazing value for money.”

A water-resistant shell joins a breathable mesh liner giving this jacket transitional, all-season versatility with plenty of stretch for movement.

Storm 3 Ball In Line Tote Roller Black Bowling Bag

Why I love the Storm 3 Ball In Line Tote Roller Black Bowling Bag:

“If your like me you don’t like to travel with big bulky bags. This tote fits everything you need and has an upgraded wheel base to give you even more durability but isn’t massive to take up all the room in your car. Must have I think for those who own at least 3 balls!”

Product Description:

The Storm 3 Ball Inline Roller provides compact construction with durability and stability! This bag offers 4″ wheels for a smooth roll with the option to purchase separately a shoe bag attachment to make it a Deluxe Roller!


Storm Bowling Premier Shammy

Why I love the Storm Bowling Premier Shammy:

“If you want consistent ball motion then you need to have consistent cover preparation for each shot. The shammy is the best towel to wipe all the excess oil from your ball shot to shot.
I never bowl without one!”

Product Description:

Dual sided – leather shammy ball side + rubber logo grip side
Maximum moisture absorption + grip power
Fine dual leathers
Functions like a mitt
Improve your bowling with the latest in bowling accessories

Storm Surface Management Kit

Why I love the Storm Surface Management Kit:

“We invest a lot of money into our bowling gear, so it’s important to protect that investment with products designed to maintain them properly. This kit is the perfect kit to get you started and keep your equipment is it’s best condition.”

Kit Includes:
(1) Microfiber Towel
(3) Surface Adjustment Pads
(1) Sponge Applicator
(1) 4 oz EXRA-SHINE All Purpose Polish
(1) 4 oz REACTA-CLEAN Reactive Cleaner
(1) 4 oz REACTA-SHINE Particle Cleaner
(1) Zip-up clear carrying case


Storm Axiom Bowling Ball


Why I love the Storm Axiom Bowling Ball:

“The best ball of 2020 in my opinion. I won the PBA World Championship with this ball and now it’s been discontinued finding these will get harder and harder over time.
If you are looking for just a brilliant all round bench mark ball, the Axiom is it. ”

Design is thinking made visual. In Storm’s case, it’s design materialized. We understand that the perceptible is as important as the tangible. NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. We love all things new at Storm, and the Orbital Core is no exception. This modern take on an established concept has us stirring with excitement. The Orbital Core has a distinctly low RG axis which further complements the midlane read for which NeX was developed.

NRG™ has become a staple in Storm’s lineup of coverstocks for nearly a decade. It’s due time for an upgrade! NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. Our standardized durability and longevity tests showed NeX created 11% more entry angle and 9.6% more overall hook after 50 shots compared to a fresh NRG cover. Simply put, NeX gives more midlane read than ever WITHOUT sacrificing any backend! Wow.

Jason Belmonte is an Australian professional ten-pin bowler. He plays on the PBA Tour in the United States and in world events. He is known for being one of the first bowlers to gain media attention for using the two handed approach style to deliver his shot. 

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