900 Global Zen U Bowling Ball

Why I love the Zen U:   

As someone who struggles with higher ball speed than rev rate, urethane is typically not the answer for me however the Zen U having a stronger covers brings urethane into play for me!   

Product Description:

It’s time to take our urethane to the next level! The Zen/U features the Meditate LD Core. This lower density core allows for maximum control while still providing that large footprint and shape on the lanes that the Meditate Core became famous for. The all new s35 Urethane+ Cover provides a quicker response time compared to traditional urethane. This core and cover combination will excel on short patterns and over/under or “cliffed” house conditions alike!

Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball

Why I love the Phaze V:  

If I had to pick a bowling ball to be the ball of the year for me it’s hands down the Phaze V. The most important ball in my arsenal is that first transitional ball and that’s exactly what the Phaze V is.   

Product Description:

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

Storm Fate Bowling Ball


Why I love the Fate:   

This has been my go to ball when I need to get left and shove it right late in league. The Belmo hype behind this ball is real and the perfect holiday gift! 

Product Description:

The latest collaboration with Jason Belmonte and Storm present the new Storm Fate bowling ball, part of Storm Bowling’s High Performance Signature line of bowling balls.

Dexter SST 8 Power Frame Boa

Why I love the SST 8 Power Frame Boa:

I’m a big guy and as such I NEED comfortable shoes. These Power Frames give me all night comfort no matter how many games we are bowling!

OGIO Rogue 900 Global Bowling Backpack

Why I love the Ogio Backpack:  

This has been the perfect backpack for me. Fits all my accessories and shoes. Everything is easy to find and well organized. Plus the added bonus of adding your favorite ball company on it makes it a great holiday item! 

Product Description:

This incredibly versatile pack is all about intelligent organization with its cavernous main compartment and a fleece-lined tablet/e-reader sleeve.

900 Global Gradient Quick Ship CoolWick Sash Zip Bowling Jersey

Why I love this jersey:   

For me this is a great holiday item. Getting a loved one looking right on the lanes is very easy with the vast array of designs featured! 

Product Description:

Stay 40% cooler with CoolWick. Our 900 Global Gradient Quick Ship CoolWick Sash Zip Bowling Jerseys are made of CoolWick technology fabric that helps wick moisture away and helps air flow more easily through the fibers.

Roto Grip Hyped Solid

Why I love the Hyped Solid:   

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK is the easy way to describe this Hyped Solid. So much performance with a much smaller price tag! 

Product Description:

Following the footsteps of the versions before it, the HYPED SOLID is here to compliment the HP2 Line of balls. Its VTC™ (Versatile Traction Control) Solid coverstock will provide earlier traction on the lane than previous versions making it ideal for just a little more oil, or, making it the perfect ball when the friction down lane seems unmanageable and you need more overall control. This ball definitely takes VERSATILITY to the MAX! So if you weren’t already excited, now is the time you should get HYPED!

Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Bowling Ball

Why I love the Idol Cosmos:  

Carrying on the Idol legacy the Idol Cosmos provided proven performance on the lanes. This is a ball that has been in my arsenal since release date and would make a great holiday gift for the bowler in your life! 

Product Description:

Originally introduced in the IDOL™ back in March of 2018, the Ikon Core has become a fan favorite and staple in the arsenals of all the top professionals around the globe. This low RG, high differential symmetrical core revs up in the midlane while providing outstanding continuation down lane which allows it to be used by all styles of players from any angle on the lane.

900 Global Premium Zen Shammy

Why I love this shammy:  

PREMIUM is the perfect word to describe this shammy. From the look to the FEEL on my hands. Everything about this shammy feels premium and delivers on what a shammy should do! 

Product Description:

900 Global Premium Zen Shammy – incredible at oil removal and will help keep your ball form absorbing oil when used after thrown increasing life of the ball

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