Storm HyRoad Solid Video Bowling Ball Review By Staff Member Michael Bauer

Watch Michael Bauer’s video ball review of the Storm HyRoad Solid bowling ball here.

As Storm’s original top performance line, Thunder line balls utilize core technology proven effective for years. Even with the ever changing climate of surface and lane conditions, performance of balls in this line continue to speak for themselves at the highest levels of competition around the world. For reliable and consistent performance, choose Thunder line products to shake up your competition!

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“Ball: Storm Hy-Road Solid
PAP: 5”x1” up
Ball Speed: 17.5 mph
Rev Rate: 325
Right Handed
Layout: 4.25×4.5×1.25
Surface Preparation: 2000

The Hy-Road Solid is the next ball in Storm’s Thunder Line, arguably the best line in bowling. With the latest release in the Hy-Road line continuing to use the proven R2S coverstock and Inverted Fe2 core there is no way this ball wasn’t going to be an absolute monster on the lanes. Just another example of the Hy-Road continuing to prove itself in the bowling world year after year, this time in a solid version.

My thought when drilling this ball up, 4.25×4.5×1.25, was to give the Hy-Road solid enough length to keep it from burning up on lighter volumes but not to take away from its design intent. What I got was a great blend of the two, enough length to stay in play but plenty of teeth to hook up on heavier conditions. This is a great benchmark ball and layout for me and is definitely what I use to smooth out the pattern and get a gauge of what the lanes are doing.

I compared my Hy-Road Solid in my video ball review, which you can find on my YouTube Channel sk8sbowlingreviews, to the Optimus and also the Wipe Out. The reason I chose those two is that in most cases those will be my ball change options from the Hy-Road Solid during competition. The Optimus gives me a similar hook potential but with a completely different shape so when the heads a a little too dry for the Hy-Road Solid it gives me a good change of pace. The Wipe Out is my all around ball down off the Hy-Road Solid when there is less volume out there but I want a similar hook shape.

Michael Bauer
Storm Amateur Staff Member’” Staff

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