Storm Optimus Video Bowling Ball Review By Staff Member Michael Bauer

Watch Michael Bauer’s video ball review of the Storm Optimus bowling ball here.

With the Optimus you’ll immediately notice the sharp, striking color combination of the pearlized R2X™ reactive shell. It’s highly polished to glide through the beaten-down head area like no other, but the powerful backend traction is undeniably Storm.

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“The Optimus is Storm’s latest pearl release in the Master Line and showcases a brand new core, the Tri-Sphere, which is the first new core in the Master Line since the Centripedal Core was brought on in the release of the Marvel.

My thought when drilling this ball up, 4.5×4.5×4, was to give myself a replacement for the Marvel Pearl in my bag, and give me something with similar length but a little more change of direction down lane in comparison. With the Optimus that is exactly what I got. The ball easily clears the heads but once it experiences friction it makes a very quick and deliberate move towards the pocket, something I felt the Marvel Pearl didn’t do straight out of the box.

I compared my Optimus in my video review, which you can find on my YouTube Channel sk8sbowlingreviews, to the Punch Out and also the Fusion. The reason I chose those two is that in most cases those will be my ball change options from the Optimus during competition. The Fusion gives me a very slightly stronger overall movement but is definitely changing directions earlier and more smoothly. The Punch Out is a very similar shape to the Optimus with a much weaker core and cover combination so it is a great step down when the Optimus starts over-reacting later in a squad.

Michael Bauer
Storm Amateur Staff Member’” Staff

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