Storm Crux Video Review By BowlersMart Buford Staff Samuel Benifield

Check out BowlersMart Staff member Sam throwing his Crux

Storm Crux
Layout: 40 X 5 X 40
Box Finish
Bowler Info:
425 Rev Rate
Speed: 17 – 18 MPH
The Crux is the strongest ball in my bag right now, but it isn’t just for those heavier volumes of oil, I can get this bag out on a THS and watch it glide across the whole lane. With that being said, it is still usable on sport sh
ot conditions because of the higher RG and higher differential of the core. It really bypasses a lot of the midland, that can get messy and save that energy for the backend to really make a strong move. This new core really keeps the ball continuing through the pins, I have to say this has been my favorite high end piece in awhile.
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