Storm Optimus Video Bowling Ball Review by BowlersMart Staff Sam Benifield

Check out Sam from BowlersMart Buford throwing his Storm Optimus

Ball: Storm Optimus
PAP: 5 5/16”x1/4” up
Ball Speed: 17 mph
Rev Rate: 425
Right Handed
Layout: 30x5x70
Surface Preparation: OOB
The Optimus is Storm’s latest pearl release in the Master Line and showcases a brand new core, the Tri-Sphere.
My thought when drilling this ball up, 30x5x70, was to give myself a transition piece to really carry on once my duller balls stopped making the corner, I needed this ball to come off the spot with enough momentum to carry those pesky corner pin. And I hit a home run, with my bit of extra rev I often get balls that come off the spot too hard, by mellowing the Optimus out just a bit, I’ve still got plenty of controllable backend to play with. Once the Optimus clears the head I know it’s making that move toward the pocket.
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