Storm HyRoad Solid Video Bowling Ball Review By BowlersMart Staff Sam Benifield

Watch Sam throw his HyRoad solid here –

Ball: Storm Hy-Road Solid
PAP: 5 5/16”x1/4” up
Ball Speed: 17 mph
Rev Rate: 425
Right Handed
Layout: 135×2.5×55
Surface Preparation: 2000
Adding onto the current success of the Hy-Road line the Hy-Road Solid gives you a more even rolling versatile ball to tackle all kinds of oil conditions.
My thought when drilling this ball up, 135×2.5×55, was to give me another ball with one of my favorite layouts on it, being high rev sometimes i need something that is just lopey out on the lanes, I loved my IQ Tour Fusion with this layout, and the Hy-Road solid didn’t disappoint me either. What’s fantastic about this ball and layout is that I can play it almost anytime, really wet out there?, move to the right and watch it slide back into the pocket, getting dry? move in and watch it ease in without that jerky motion that dry spots can sometimes create. This will be my go to benchmark ball.
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