DV8 Thug Corrupt Video Bowling Ball Review

learn about the DV8 thug corrupt bowling ball

Introducing the DV8 thug corrupt bowling ball

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DV8’s corrupting heavy oil lane conditions with their scary aggressive Thug Corrupt! Thug Corrupt is DV8’s newest addition to their high-performance line, bringing big backend and huge hook to the lane. The Thug Corrupt starts out with an asymmetric Thug core that has huge differential and a strong mass bias. Combined with a new cutting edge Composite coverstock, Thug Corrupt backends more than any high performance ball in the history of DV8. Finished off at 4000 grit, Thug Corrupt gets through the front of the lane before unleashing a devastating backend move. Thug Corrupt has the magic juice to corner when no other ball will. Are you looking for more hook? More backend? More hitting power? Thug Corrupt has the goods. Get your DV8 Thug Corrupt at BowlersMart.com July 7th.

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