Ebonite Warrior Layout Reaction Video Review

Ebonite’s new Warrior features a brand new Iron Fist asymmetric core shape, built with a low rg, high differential combination to give bowlers up to 6” of track flare. With a GB13.3 Pearl cover, and a 2000 grit polished finish, the Warrior is Ebonite’s biggest back-ending ball in years! Our first layout on the Warrior is a 5 ½” pin layout, with the pin positioned over the bridge. You’ll note the mass bias is placed just right of the thumb hole, and no weight hole was required for this Warrior.

Our medium revolution, higher speed player saw excellent length out of the Warrior with this layout, and a hard charging, angular backend motion. Warrior’s 2.47 low rg Iron Fist core will give bowlers a high revving core motion that looks like it’s speeding up down lanes as it hits the breakpoint. Then the pearlized GB13.3 cover takes over as the ball sees friction, and the Warrior unleashes a devastating move in the backend. With the Factory Finish Polished surface, the Warrior clears the front of the lane easily, saving all of its energy for a late breaking move in front of the pins. This layout is best used for going away from the pocket, and using the strength of the Warrior to bring the ball back from steeper angles, creating better pin carry. As our bowler moved in with the Warrior, he saw almost no limit to how deep he could get, while still getting back to the 1-3.

Our second Warrior uses a pin down layout with a 45 x 5” x 70 degree combination. This layout required a weight hole, which was placed on the bowler’s vertical axis line, 1” down from his midline. The intent in using the pin down layout with the mass bias positioned further right is to create smoother roll and more midlane traction, which we certainly accomplished with this Ebonite Warrior.

The first thing you’ll notice immediately is how much further right our player is on the lane. With the smoother transition at the breakpoint, and the earlier midlane read, this Warrior is less hook overall than our pin up version. The combination of factors here lets our bowler move right and play more direct with the Warrior, giving him a smooth and predictable combination to control the pocket. The Warrior still revs hard in midlane and creates that continuous shape in the backend, charging hard through the pin deck. This demonstrates exactly why using the proper layout is so important when drilling a new ball. In this case, you have an incredible range of performance with the Ebonite Warrior, just by using these two different layouts.

We also wanted to show the strength of the Warrior when using a sanded finish. So we applied a 1000 grit Abralon pad finish to our pin down Warrior. This created more overall hook, while maintaining a similar shape to the ball’s motion. By using the duller surface, our bowler was able to move further in and give the pocket away, while maintaining the control features of the pin down layout.

Ebonite’s new Warrior stole the show at their product showcase this summer. Length, Backend, and Hit. That’s the new Warrior. Get yours today at BowlersMart.com.

For more info – https://www.bowlersmart.com/bowling-gear/bowling-balls/ebonite-bowling-balls/ebonite-warrior-bowling-ball

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