Radical Guru Master Video Bowling Ball Review

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Radical’s Guru Master sets a new standard for big hook on heavy oil lane conditions. Guru Master starts out with Radical’s offset asymmetric core, utilizing their patented finger scoop technology design. By drilling the Guru Master with the pin above the bridge, we’ve taken advantage of the finger scoop concept and raised the ending differential and intermediate differential. This gives the ball maximum track flare of over 6”, and creates superb friction in heavy oil. Guru Master is also built with an aggressive new chemistry, with coverstock additives designed for superior traction. With a 1500 grit finish, everything about the Guru Master says Hook. If you’re the higher ball speed, lower revolution player that’s always looking for more ball motion, then take a look at Radical’s new Guru Master, available now from BowlersMart.com.

For more info – https://www.bowlersmart.com/bowling-gear/bowling-balls/radical-bowling-balls/radical-guru-master-bowling-ball

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