Motiv Primal Rage Remix Video Bowling Ball Review

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Unleash your wild side with the raw power of the new Motiv Primal Rage Remix. Primal Rage Remix starts out with Motiv’s Impulse V2 core, designed with a high rg to push the ball deeper in to the lane before it unleashes it’s devastating backend. Combined with the Raw Fusion coverstock, this Remix retains energy in heavier oil and creates a strong move. With a 17.5 backend rating, the Primal Rage Remix is one of the most powerful options in the Motiv lineup.
Let’s take a look at Motiv staffer Marc Heninger throwing the new Primal Rage Remix. We chose a heavy oil house pattern for Marc’s video, which demonstrates the raw power of the Remix. With Marc’s above-average rev rate, and higher ball speed, the Remix matches up best on heavy oil lane patterns. Marc’s Primal Rage Remix is drilled with a 5” pin to positive axis point distance. With this drilling, Marc sees the length and backend combination the Primal Rage Remix is designed for. The Remix is finished at a 4000 grit Laser Scan Sanded measurement, engineered for performance on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.
For more information on the Primal Rage Remix, you can visit Get Motivated with the Primal Rage Remix from, on July 15th.

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