Radical Guru Supreme Video Bowling Ball Review

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The Guru Supreme takes hook to an unbelievably new level. Using our proven Guru core, we amped up the ball motion with the use of a new resin formulation, and the results open up a new world of performance for the Radical product line.

For more info – https://www.bowlersmart.com/radical-guru-supreme-bowling-ball

One thought on “Radical Guru Supreme Video Bowling Ball Review

  1. Frank Palamone says:

    I bought my guru supreme as a Christmas gift to myself! I needed a ball with extreme hook since I throw hard and don’t have so many revolutions. I’ve been averaging 185 to 192 in the last year. I took the ball out of the bag And proceeded to shoot a 691 Series!! My highest series to date!! It hits like a truck!! I’ve had several 600 series And several high 200 games with this ball. I highly recommend it

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