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Hammer Black Widow Dark Legend Solid Bowling Ball Review

Strike from the shadows with Hammer’s most aggressive Widow ever, the Dark Legend Solid.Hammer’s new Dark Legend Solid uses a 2000 grit Abralon finish to amplify the strength of the Semtex hmr_dark_legend_solidCoverstock, giving it the ability to handle the heaviest oil lane pattern in bowling.Hammer’s widow core features a .058” differential, giving this ball one of the biggest track flare potentials in bowling.The combination of the Widow Core and the aggressive Coverstock treatment gives this Hammer ball superior traction and hook when other balls slide by.Dark Legend Solid comes in a black/dark blue combination, with yellow logos.All Hammer balls are constructed with a carbon fiber additive, making them the toughest balls in bowling, backed up by a 3-year warranty.Give in to your dark side, and check out the huge hook of the Dark Legend Solid, available from BowlersMart.com on August 9th.

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