Track Cyborg Bowling Ball Video Review Presented by

Track’s programmed its scientifically engineered cores and ball motion in to their new upper-mid price point release, the Cyborg. The Cyborg is the start of a new generation of core systems trk_cyborgat Track bowling. Track’s incorporated the standard inner core and pancake weight block combination in to a revolutionary design that fuses both pieces in to the inner core together. This retains core dynamics when drilling the Cyborg by removing less mass from the ball when drilling. The result is increased revolutions and backend motion with the new Cyborg. Cyborg’s low rg, medium differential design gives this ball over 5” of track flare potential, and plenty of hook for medium to heavy oil lane conditions. With a sharp looking red/black/silver combination and a 3000 grit Abralon finish on the QR-7 hybrid cover, the Cyborg has the teeth to cut through the oil and drive through the pocket. The new Cyborg by Track, available July 5th from

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