A New Year, A New Lifestyle Routine – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

bowlfit-logoWith many New Years resolutions in full swing, it becomes a bit intimidating to stick to all of the promises you’ve made for yourself. We have established how important physical activity is, as well as some tips to maintain or tendencies to be aware of or avoid. One of the most important factors is creating a routine for yourself. Promises won’t be kept if they’re looked at as if they’re short term.

Here’s a few tips on how to get into a solid routine to improve your overall health and create an active lifestyle:

  • Set aside time every day or every few days for gym time or exercise. Most normal schedules either call for a morning or evening sweat session, but that’s not to say those are the only options. Grab your planner, pencil it in, and stick to it!

  • Get into a regular sleep schedule. Having your body set into a physiologic routine can set the foundation for creating a routine for many aspects of your life – especially active lifestyles!
  • Start small with sticky note goals. By either linking two behaviors by memory, or physically writing a small behavior change on a sticky note, you can start to overcome whatever might be holding you back from fully committing. For example, writing on a sticky note and placing it over your sink that says “after you finish cleaning your dinner dishes, put your gym shoes on.” Such small acts can really link behaviors and smoothly transition into making a lifestyle change.

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