Bowling Legend Johnny Petraglia Talks About Chuck Gardner – A Man of Many Hats

Okay, It’s time I told a story about my good friend Chuck Gardner. Chuck is the Player rep for Brunswick on the PBA tour, the PBA50 tour and the ladies tour. But he’s much more than that. Chuck wears many hats… for Brunswick he’s involved in ball testing, doing clinics overseas and in the states, Jr. Gold, team USA , and just about anything else Brunswick is involved.

Chuck is a big guy with a booming voice and an outgoing personality. When he has something to say, Chuck doesn’t soften the edges. Anyone that’s been to one of the Brunswick camps and taken one of his classes will attest to that.

He is loyal, to his friends, his company, obviously his family and country. He is somebody you always want on your side. Chuck is the one who put together the surprise party for me to celebrate my 45 years with Brunswick.

The thing I love about Chuck is how much he loves life. He always seems to be having a good time, no matter what the situation or how hard he’s working, there’s always a smile on his face.

I’ll tell one story about him (there are several). In April of 2016 we were bowling in the Villages on the PBA50 tour. Parker Bohn was about 3 pairs to my left. We both had a pretty good first day , but the scores were high and we were going to have to bowl better the second day. Both Parker and myself were having a very good second day. Chuck.. satisfied that we had the right ball in our hand, and were playing the lanes correctly now becomes a rooter. He positioned himself between me and Parker so he could watch both of us. You always know that Chuck is there, you don’t have to look up because he claps differently than most people. His claps are half the speed as other people and twice as loud. If my ball could carry as much as the sound of Chuck’s claps, I would average 240.

One particular game I started with the first seven… a Sr. player happened to be standing next to Chuck. He asked Chuck, “How old is Johnny?” Chuck replied 69. The player then said, “Wow, I hope I can throw the ball that good when I’m 69.” Now as I said earlier when Chuck has something to say he doesn’t soften the edges. Chuck’s reply to the player was, “How old are you now?” The player said 52.

Chuck’s reply to player was Well; then you have 17 years to practice and get a lot better!!

As always.. you can’t make this stuff up.

I Love Ya Buddy!!!!

cento anni’…Johnny Petraglia


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