Get to Know John Gaines of BowlersMart

Today’s guest needs no introduction. He’s a multi-time OC Champion, a former Team USA member, a World Team Challenge champion, and a USBC Hall of Famer. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest amateur bowlers of all-time. His name is John Gaines, and today we’ll be getting to know him a little better.

Birthplace: Washington D.C.

BowlersMart Job Title: Head of coaching and development at BowlerSmart

What age did you start bowling: 6

Who or what got you into bowling: My mother bowled when I was young and I picked up my passion for bowling through her.

Biggest bowling mentor/coach: Barbara Cosgrove and Del Ballard

High Game: 300 (No idea how many)

High Series: 836 (Also no idea how many, though)

How many 300s: No clue

How old were you when you bowled your first 300? 20

What Ball: Columbia Blue White Dot

How old were you when you bowled your first 800: 21

What Ball: Black Angle

Favorite balls of all-time: Black Angle, Black and Blue Hammer, Black Thunder, and V2 Sanded were all amazing balls. Tough for me to choose between them.

Best bowling related memory: It’s a tie: Making Team USA/Winning my first Eagle

Biggest accomplishment in bowling to date: USBC Hall of Fame.

Future goals in bowling: I have been fortunate enough in my career to have exceeded just about any and all goals that I set out for myself.

Pro shop experience: 32 years

Hobbies and interests outside of bowling: My family and golf

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