Small Changes for a Busy Day – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

Everyone’s activity level and requirements differ. But with summertime on the brink of appearing, there’s small changes that can be made in order to add some seemingly effortless physical activity. After all, any activity is better than none, and especially a great place to get started.

Some people like to disguise their training as activities that take form outside the gym and away from the weights (not that we don’t love the gym!). Simple movements and reinforced resistances can be enhanced even without deliberately pumping that iron! Considering how you can incorporate these multi-joint, multifunctional movements in some nice upcoming weather!

Park further away from the entrance to work so your legs get moving!
Take walks before AND after work. 10 minutes, max. If you feel overwhelmed and busy, short walks in the sun can help you relax and refocus.
If you feel yourself sitting down often, do some glute, hamstring, and quad sets. Squeeze those muscles (you’ll have to have room to extend your knee for quads), hold for 5-10 seconds, and do 2 sets of 15 for each leg. Any sort of blood flow can help make up for the sitting down.
Stretch in the morning and evening so your muscles and joints have a chance to move freely before work and to release some tension at the end of the day.

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