Get to Know Andrew Jensen – BowlersMart Cherry Valley Manager Rockford IL

Today, we sat down with Andrew Jensen of BowlersMart Cherry Valley. Andrew is a well-respected Pro Shop technician with years of experience that include drilling at the USBC Open Championship booths in 2011 and 2013.

Now let’s find out a little more about him!

Name: Andrew Jensen

Birthplace: Omaha NE.

What age did you start bowling: Four

Who or what got you into bowling: My parents Carol and Larry Jensen

Biggest bowling mentor/coach: A few: Tony “Fridge” Manna, Jay Watts, Tom Kelley Sr., Rich Abboud and Tom Kelley Jr.

High Game: 300

High Series: 828

How many 300s: 25

How old were you when you bowled your first 300? 23

What Ball: Columbia Messenger (maroon and blue)

How old were you when you bowled your first 800: 23

What Ball: Hammer Black Widow

Collegiate experience: None. Just some coaching from Bill Straub and Paul Klempa

Favorite balls of all-time: Hammer Black Widow and Roto Grip Cell (It’s a tie, lol)

Best bowling related memory: I’d say it was shooting my very first 300 at Nationals in 2000 during Team and having my best friend Dave “Fluff” Herweg there to be a part of it. Not to mention it was video taped by a teammate that bought the video for team squad that year. I wanted to see how the 10th frame went, so I watched it again. To my surprise (because I was so nervous) I flushed all 3 in the 10th frame. Lot’s of fun!

Biggest accomplishment in bowling to date: Working the 2011 (Storm Booth) and 2013 (900 Global Booth) booths at the Open Championships and the first 300 I shot at the then ABC’s in 2000

Future goals in bowling: I want to win an Eagle at the Open Championships and also would like to become a Gold Level coach one day.

Pro shop experience: Tom Kelley’s Pro Shop (5 years), The Bowler’s Choice (4 years off and on helping out), Storm Booth in 2011, 900 Global Booth in 2013 and currently working at Bowlersmart Cherry Valley location for 3 years.

Hobbies and interests outside of bowling: I’m a weirdo. I don’t do too many things outside of bowling. It’s what I love. I do on occasion go golfing and also like to go see movies.

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