Holiday Hangovers – BowlFit Fitness Tip of The Week

If you have any weight loss goals and have been watching what you eat, then you probably know how hard it gets to stick to any healthy eating plan on a holiday. The 4th of July especially is known for grilling out and drinking some beers, so you may be waking up today feeling like you lost all progress if you caved in.

Here’s the thing… the Holidays are always going to be that way. There will always be tempting foods and quite honestly I never expect my clients on nutrition programs to be able to stick to their plan 100%. You should still be able to indulge a little bit on a holiday and enjoy yourself. If you stick to healthy eating habits you won’t lose as much progress as you think.

What habits are those? 1) eating small portions frequently every 2-3 hours 2) drinking 90-100oz of water 3) eating some
Lean proteins and veggies for as many of your snacks as possible

If you failed to do that this 4th and feel guilty you’ve simply got to move on from it and get back on track today. The problem lies in saying “I already screwed up my diet so there’s no point now” when in reality one day won’t kill you as long as you get right back to those healthy habits!

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