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As a bowler we all have spend long days traveling to tournaments in a car or sitting on a plane. Those long days when you get to a hotel room you may be too exhausted and jet lagged to actually workout but your body will take a toll from all that sitting if you don’t do something about it. So I’ve narrowed it down to 3 movements or exercises you can do to help on those long travel days but won’t be incredibly exhausting.

1. Hip Lifts
You can do them with just your body weight; simply lie on the floor and plant your feet on the ground while extending your hips up towards the ceiling. When we sit, our hip flexors are shortened and become tight while your hip extensors become overstretched and need activation. Hip lifts will do just that.

2. Rows
While spending a significant time sitting your shoulders will have a tendency to round forward causing aches and pains in your upper back because your rhomboids are being overstretched. Therefore after a long day of travel, it will be beneficial do body weight rows or dumbbell/kettlebell rows to get the muscles of your mid-back activated and allow your shoulders to roll back.

3. Bridges or Cobras
Think about the position of your back when sitting on a plane or in a car. Usually your back is rounded out which stretches out the erector muscles along your spine. To shorten those back up and allow the abdominal muscles to stretch back out, I recommend doing some bridges. If you can do a full wheel bridge that is great, but not all will have that mobility in the spine right away. In that case, you can start with an upward dog yoga pose or “cobra” position in which you lie on your stomach and slowly lift your chest off the ground.

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