Get To Know Michael Cousins – BowlersMart Jacksonville Manager

Today on “Get to Know your Pro Shop Technician,” we’ll be looking at . . . me!

My name is Michael Cousins and I am the Manager of our BowlersMart Jacksonville location. In addition to running the shop, I write the majority of the articles that you read here at as well as our Facebook page.

Alas, lets begin!

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida

What age did you start bowling: I was twelve years old when I first began bowling.

Who or what got you into bowling: My parents got me involved initially.

Biggest bowling mentor/coach: I have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary coaches in my time, but I would say, from a coaching perspective, Randy Stoughton, John Gaines, and Dave O’sullivan have certainly helped me out the most throughout my career. But, from an industry perspective, also Cliff Barnes. I have known him a very long time now. He got me my first ball contract and together we did some of the first ball review videos for Columbia 300 back in the day. Without him, I am not sure where I would be today.

High Game: 300

High Series: 838

How old were you when you bowled your first 300? Twelve or thirteen years old.

What ball did you shoot your first 300 with? Columbia 300 Icon 300

How old were you when you bowled your first 800: Sixteen, I believe. It was at Pepsi tournament, but I cannot remember the year.

What Ball: Brunswick Ultimate Inferno

Collegiate experience: I did not bowl in college.

Degree: English

Favorite balls of all-time: Storm Hyroad, Storm Marvel Pearl, Storm IQ Tour Solid, and the Storm IQ 30.

Best bowling related memory: Man there have been so many. I have had some wonderful experiences throughout my bowling career. Honestly, most of them took place off the lanes, spending time with my friends from all over the country at tournaments. So I guess the relationships I have formed through bowling would be my greatest memory.

Biggest accomplishment in bowling to date: Winning the UBA scratch classic was pretty cool. It was my first win as an adult.

Future goals in bowling: I don’t really have any goals, presently. I am not really as competitive as I used to be. But,

Pro shop experience: I first learned how to drill balls when I was a kid, working for a local shop here in Jacksonville. Then, over the years, I was trained by Randy Stoughton, David O’sullivan, and Cliff Barnes. But, all-in-all, I have been in and out of pro shops since I was around twelve years old. That side of the business has always fascinated me.

Hobbies and interests outside of bowling: I am a colossal sports fan. You name it, I watch it; huge Cleveland sport’s fan, to say the least. I love classic literature, good food, writing, and spending time with my fiancé.

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