Sticky Note Goals – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

Sticky Note Goals

Sticking to a schedule is no easy task, especially with exercise. Work, extracurriculars, and balancing the tedious tasks of everyday life. If you’re feeling like you’re missing the consistent work ethic to maintain an active lifestyle, starting small is the key to big strides. Sticky note goals are a concept verified by behavior-modification specialists (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, etc.). The way it works is to keep small exercises on sticky notes on places you revisit every day, especially if you find yourself snacking or sitting down for too long. For example, “15 sit-ups after sitting for a half hour,” taped to your couch, or, “10 push-ups for every time the fridge or cabinet is opened for snacks.” These sticky notes goals not only help you become a bit more active, but they build a better lifestyle in general. Create your sticky note goals as you see fit for you and tailor them to your goals and keep track of how quickly things improve in your lifestyle!

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