Bowling Ball Playoffs Round 1 – No Rules Pearl VS Vintage Inferno

So last time we had our matchup between the Code Red vs The Real One. Today, we’ll be looking at two more formidable balls: the No Rules Pearl vs the Vintage Inferno.

The No Rules Pearl basically brings to the table to exactly what the two balls from the other matchup bring, a super strong ball with an incredible amount of backend. This was no doubt one of the strongest shiny balls made this year and one of the better HP balls in recent memory.

The Vintage Inferno, however, brings something entirely different to the matchup: versatility. In addition to its versatility and performance, the Vintage Inferno has nostalgia and history on its side. The original Inferno is one of the best balls ever made. We’ll see if that history is enough to take down the No Rules Pearl.

Vote below for who you think should make it to the next round of the Ball of the Year Playoffs!

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