Bowling Ball Playoffs Rouond 1 – Widow Gold VS Pitbull

Over the past two days we’ve gone over the first two matchups, today, we’re going over number three — leaving just one more before it’s time for the semi-finals!

Today’s matchup puts a legend with an underrated, underdog for: The Black Widow Gold v the Pitbull!

The Black Widow is obviously an icon in the bowling industry. And it has been for years and years. And probably will continue to be for years to come. So this ball making it into our quarterfinals — our final eight — should come as no surprise to anyone. If there’s a spider on the ball, it’s going to sell. That coupled with it being gold and it’s a no-brainer.

It’s opponent, the Pitbull, is no slouch, though. I’ve said this several times this year, but I think it needs to be said over and over again — Brunswick is making a comeback. And I am very happy for them, because we, as a sport, need Brunswick, and all of the manufacturers for that matter, to succeed. And Brunswick is low-key killing it right now. The Pitbull had great colors, awesome performance, and a good price point. In this matchup it may be the underdog, but I wouldn’t count this one out here, personally.

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So the match is all set! Ready — VOTE!!

One thought on “Bowling Ball Playoffs Rouond 1 – Widow Gold VS Pitbull

  1. Tony Bo says:

    I don’t have a Black Widow Gold, although I do like my Hammer Scandal Pearl, BUT…
    I did not have a 300 game in over 13 years, or an 800 series in over 9 years.
    About a month after getting my DV8 Pitbull I shot 300-783 & 300-825.
    My 9th & 10th 300 games, and my 3rd & highest 800 series…!!
    No other choice for me for the best ball of the year…!! 🙂

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