Bowling Ball Playoffs Round 1 – Mako VS Honey Badger

Today we have our last matchup of the final eight. We’ve had some great balls come through already, and these two are no different.

Today, we have the Track Mako vs the sleeper 900 Global Honey Badger!

The Mako was one of the best high-end, heavy oil balls made last year. No doubt. It offered supreme performance and traction in the heaviest of oil conditions. For me, it was my favorite of all the one balls (high end strong balls) that came out this past year. Track knocked it out of the park with this release.

It’s opponent: they Honeybadger. Awesome name, awesome color, awesome performance, awesome price point. Lots of awesome in this ball. Face it, anytime you make a solid gold ball, it’s going to be a fan favorite and it’s going to sell well. When you make one that rolls good, too, it’s a no brainer choice for the final eight.

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