Bowling Ball Playoffs Semi-Finals

The results are in! And we now have our semi-finalists!

In our first matchup, the Code Red (number 1 seed) continued to prove to be the favorite to win, outmatching the Real One with 71% of the overall vote. This was — by far — the most lopsided victory. It is pretty obvious what the bowlers think of this ball.

In our next match, the Vintage Inferno proved no match for the No Rules Pearl, as the Pearl ran away with 58% of the vote.

The Black Widow Gold once again proved to be a fan favorite, as it totally outclassed the Pitbull. While the Pitbull was certainly a great ball and can hold its own against many of the balls that came out this year, it’s just very hard to beat a Black Widow.

In our final matchup, we had a close one. The Honeybadger, which I thought would prove to be a sleeper choice to win it all, put up a fight against the favorited Track Mako. But, in the end, the Mako held on, narrowly winning the bout with just 54% of the vote.

So, for our semi-final seedings, we have the following:

(1) Code Red v (4) Mako

(2) No Rules Pearl v (3) Black Widow Gold

So far, the original seedings have all held true. We’ll see if that continues to be the case here in the semis, which will start Monday!

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